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Case Insights
Case Study[br]Special Vehicles

Case Study
Special Vehicles

”A good project manager violates the process daily. An excellent project manager also knows when it happens”.

Bunkai employees live the meaning behind the company name, “applying theory in practice”, by taking on challenging special vehicle PM roles at our Automotive OEMs.

Leading the technical development of a vehicle with the full attention of the development departments is difficult enough. Doing so from the side, outside of the main track, is painful.

Bunkai is able to offer senior technical leadership in the domains and locations where we’re active. This is based partly on experience from specific customers and partly on the cross-over effect where varied backgrounds create the best local solution.


CASE STUDY[br]Implementation Of A New Software Issue System Based On Jira From Atlassian

Implementation of a new Software issue system based on Jira from Atlassian

Project delivered for one of Gothenburg’s largest Automotive companies.

The challenge was that Two different companies were sharing the same SW issue tool. It was owned by one of the companies and it made it very difficult for the other company to change workflows and make their own adaptions to the system. This created frustration and was slowing down the R&D process.

A decision was taken to create a separate SW issues system and migrate all data to the new system. To make this happen there was an RFQ sent out to find the best third-party solution. After the purchasing process, the implementation took place. Bunkai secured the Project manager for the implementation project.

Speed is important! The project was delivered within a very short timeframe. This was needed due to a coming car launch. The project used a combination of different methodologies to deliver and make progress fast – both daily stand-up meetings to track progress and traditional waterfall methods to complete verification and training. The overall steering was a traditional steering group for the project with different stakeholders from the business side.

One of the first systems we started to use together between our organisation in Sweden and China. This helped the cooperation within our project and was very helpful for our launch.

CASE STUDY[br]Improvement Of Customer Support Processes And Way Of Working

Improvement of Customer support processes and way of working

The challenge for our customer was the long resolution times in the support.

We supported the customer with improving the ITIL processes like Incident Management, Problem Management, Major Incident Management and Change Management that helped the automobile company to reduce the lead time for an incident by 30%.

We established a governance structure to manage the connectivity operations with process/reporting and quality meetings.

Bunkai also supported the setup and way of working for Onboarding new employees, new products, new customers, and intake for new functions.