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分解 ~ 'analysis' or 'disassembly'

The term Bunkai is borrowed from Japanese Budo-sport and specifically the Karate martial art. A vital part of traditional Karate is the Kata. Each branch of Karate has it’s own recipe book where each page is a recipe of combined movements making up one Kata.

Practicing Kata is about repetition and memorizing a pattern, often without understanding the purpose and applicability of each individual step. Among practitioners it is also controversial as to what value it’s actually adding to training.

When you take a few separate steps of the Kata and apply them together with a friend to understand the intention with each movement, then you are doing Bunkai!

At Bunkai we don’t want to repeat a fixed model or process without understanding the purpose and value addition of each step. We want to help our customers, in defining and applying lean processes that focus on implementation, creating solid change by doing Bunkai!