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About us

Bunkai provides professional services within IT, Automotive, Telecom. We also provide public services in areas such as Healthcare and Digital Transformation. You will find us working in complex project in roles as Technical Consultants, Project Managers, Change Managers, Implementation and enrollement leaders.

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Bunkai has a broad experience from many industries including both private and public sector


IT, IoT & Telecom

Public Sector


We have experienced Project managers from different industries. We have also been involved in setting up PMO:s.

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Bunkai takes pride in the track record established by our consultants in navigating the various obstacles to Change.

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Let us document, create or merge your processes to reach the next level of efficiency for your business.

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We offer long experience from setting up IT strategies and working with organisations on their IT management, both in private and public sector.

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Agile, Waterfall or maybe a hybrid? We have experience from several agile projects in many industries.

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